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Spectrum glass is the mirror of the soul.

It reflects, connects and generates shapes, unimaginable by other materials.

The 'Spectrum' interior design objects embrace all of the above. Every piece is one of a kind,

inspired by color, shape and the momentum in which it was created.

The objects can arise from themselves, or evolve around the specific needs of a client.

A spectrum object -whether a plate, a bowl, a vase, a table or a cup- will become an eyecatcher, conversation starter and a rare piece of art in your home.


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The pieces on display are only a selection of the whole collection.

The spectrum collection is evergrowing, so contact us if you're interested in one of the objects, in seeing the whole collection or in discussing a design piece tailor made for your interior and taste.

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Contact us for more info on available pieces of the collection or to discuss the creation of a tailor made piece.

Tel: +32 477 49 11 17